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Your Consultant is  Vicki Schaffer

My Story

Hello and Welcome, I am so happy to share my Scenty story with you. I purchased my first Scentsy warmer several years ago to support my friend who had just become a Scentsy Consultant, and from the moment I received my products I have been hooked on Scentsy. I love that I can have a warmer and just purchase different Scentsy bars to change up the scent anytime. I also love the safety of the warmers and that fact that there is no soot that gets on my walls like it did when I use to burn jar candles.

In May of 2015 I decided to have a Scentsy home party instead of doing what I usually do every season, and go over my friends house to have a sniff-a-thon to smell all the new seasonal scents. I invited some friends over, we had a great time and I earned lots of free product. That is when I decided to become an Independent Consultant, it just made perfect Scents.

Feel free to stop by my facebook page at to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest Scentsy news.